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Four Limbed Staff Pose
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Bean and Vegetable Minestrone Soup
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Just Starting Out on the Road to Yoga.
If you are new to yoga, or even just thinking about starting yoga, you'll probably have a lot of questions, some of the typical ones are: 'What is yoga?'; 'Where can I find suitable lessons?',; and 'What sort of equipment do I need?' In this article I will aim to answer these and hopefully inspire you to ask new ones yourself. I'll begin with one of the most common questions 'What is yoga?' as yoga means a lot of things to a lot of different people, finding a definative meaning can be quite difficult.

What is yoga?

To most people yoga it is primarily a style of exercising aimed at improving flexibility, and many see it as rather gentle and only for middle aged women and the elderly. Although some styles of yoga certainly do cater to people seeking a more relaxed form of exercise, yoga can be a lot more than sitting down and doing some simple stretches. Styles like Ashtanga and Power yoga require a level of strength and stamina that makes them popular with much younger.... 


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New to Yoga?
Just starting out in yoga and need to find out more. Like what equipment you will need and how to go about finding lessons. Or you just want to try out a few simple postures, then hopefully this article will help get you started.
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Prana is the vital breath or energy that permeates all things.