Tāḍāsana - Mountain Pose
This pose is the basic standing posture and promotes proper alignment while standing.

Dificulty: beginner
Meaning:'Tada' means mountain
Stand upright with the feet together, big toes and heels touching with all the toes spread and touching the floor to provide a steady base, with the weight distributed evenly between heels and toes.
Keep the leg muscles active by tensing the the legs drawing the kneecaps and thigh muscles upwards. The stomach muscles should be active and drawn in and the chest forward with the shoulders back and relaxed downwards.
The mountain pose can be practised with the arms above the head and the palms pressed together, like the peak of the mountain, or for meditation purposes with the arms down by the sides of the thighs.
Asana Information
Related Postures
Common Faults
Feet are not together.
Shoulders are rounded.
Promotes good posture.
Strengthens knees and thighs.
Improves balance.
None listed.