Chakras cakraṃ चक्रं

Chakras are the energy centers that lie along the axis of the spine, they exist within the subtle body and as such have no real physical location but each has a corrolation to one of the main nerve plexus' of the spinal cord. Each chakra is associated with a different type of subtle energy that governs the condition of the whole being, meditation upon each of the chakras can bring about change in the state of the physical, emotional and subtle bodies.

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Muladhara - Base Chakra
Sanskrit: मूलाधार  Mūlādhāra
Pronounciation: moo la da ra
Translation: root, base or support
Prana: Apana
Element: Earth
Mantra: Lam
Focus: Groundedness

Location: This chakra is located at the coccyx or tail bone

Muladhara chakra is depicted as a square surrounded by four red petals. It relates to the concepts of stability and survival.

Meditation: Standing in Tadasana visualize the warm earth below your feet, imagine roots extending from the soles of your feet deep into the earth, your feet becoming rooted and firm, feel yourself blending with the natural world around you. With each inbreath draw the earth's energy up towards the root chakra. With each outbreath breathe out and down into the earth.
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