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Some tasty vegetarian and not so vegetarian recipies. Although the diet of the true yogi is that of a vegetarian many people new to yoga can be coming from a non vegetarian background, and to expect them to change at the drop of a hat can be off putting and unreasonable, some people may never take their yoga practice to this level. That said many who practice yoga to any great depth for a period of time usualy do find that they will adopt a vegetarian or even vegan diet. For all of these reasons we have gathered together here a range of delicious recipes that should cater to all tastes. Enjoy!

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3 Bean Hotpot
This hearty dish is ideal for those colder autumn evenings and goes perfectly with rice, or lightly toasted wholemeal bread.
Bean and Vegetable Minestrone Soup
This hearty soup is packed full of goodness and makes a perfect light meal or snack, and is a match made in heaven when served with seeded wholemeal bread.
Bell Pepper Salad
A dramatically colourful dish packed full of vitamins and minerals. A recipe perfect for a summers evening, served on a bed of mixed salad.
Brown Rice Salad
A light and refreshing salad perfect for those hot summer evenings, filling enough as a meal in it self or as an accompliment to one of our main meal ideas.
Chicken and Cranberry Salad