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Sanskrit Pronounciation Guide

sanskrit phoneticsas in
vowela [ʌ] u as in but
vowelā [ɑ:] a as in father
plaink [k] k as in kin
plaing [g] g as in good
aspiratekh [kh] kh as in sinkhole
aspirategh [gh] gh as in leghorn
aspirateh [h] h as in hand
nasalñ [ŋ] n as in encore
voweli [I] i as in tin
vowelī [i:] ee as in teeth
plainc [tʃ] ch as in church
plainj [dʒ] j as in judge
aspiratech [tʃh] ch as in coachhorse
aspiratejh [dʒh] ge as in hedgehog
semivowely [j] y as in you
sibilantś [ʃ] s as in sure
vowel[r] r as in sabre
vowel[r:] gri as in chagrin
plain[t] t as in cart
plain[d] d as in ardent
aspirateṭh [th] th as in carthorse
aspirateḍh [dh] dh as in fordham
nasal[n] n as in friend
semivowelr [r] r as in rib
sibilant[ʃ] sh as in hush
vowel[l] l as in able
plaint [θ] t as in theatre
plaind [ð] th as in they
aspirateth [θh] thh as in withheld
aspiratedh [ðh] dh as in buddha
nasaln [n] n as in boon
semivowell [l] l as in lip
sibilants [s] s as in sun
vowelu [ʊ] u as in bull
vowelū [u:] u as in rule
plainp [p] p as in pat
plainb [b] b as in bee
aspirateph [ph] ph as in uphill
aspiratebh [bh] bh as in abhor
nasalm [m] m as in man
Guttural and Palatal
vowele [eI] y as in prey
vowelai [aI] ai as in aisle
Guttural and Labial
vowelo [oʊ] o as in go
vowelau [aʊ] ow as in cow
Dental and Labial
semivowelv [v] v as in van
nasalm, ṃ or ñ as in
Aspirate as in